I'm Leon Adjouri.

I'm a commercial Filmmaker & Photographer currently based somewhere between Berlin and Zurich. Never leaving my camera at home, I try to inspire people with the help of visual storytelling. I specialise in creating imagery for Travel and Lifestyle related brands as well as Real Estate Projects.

I travel all over the world for my projects to capture the most stunning sceneries and the most fascinating stories. As a freelance Filmmaker & Photographer, I am available at all times to also develop your story. You can gain insight in my recent projects and my latest travels on Instagram and YouTube.

Due to my fathers passion for branding and creating as well as growing up in the creative city Berlin, this world has always been part of me. Already at a young age I started to capture videos of holidays and spent my time in front of the computer teaching myself things like editing, graphic design and colour grading.

When my knee is healthy I like to do sports. Käsespätzle is by far my most favourite food and I enjoy driving fast cars. I also have a bachelors degree in construction engineering as well as a Master of Science in Finance with the focus on Real Estate. Kind of like creating digital products, I enjoy designing buildings and be part of developing construction projects.