I'm Leon Adjouri.

Born in Berlin, Germany. Currently living betwenn Berlin and Switzerland.

Due to my fathers passion for branding and creating, this world has always been part of me. Already at a young age I started to capture videos of holidays and spent my time in front of the computer teaching myself things like editing, graphic design and more.

Besides that I play American Football at quite a professional level. Käsespätzle is by far my most favourite food and I enjoy driving fast cars.

In 2022 I realised creating is more than an avocation for me. I want to spend all my time doing what I love to do. So, as a successor of my father, I did. So feel free to check out my YouTube to get to know my work.

Also, I have a bachelors degree in civil engineering and quite some work experience in that field. Kind of like creating digital products, I enjoy designing buildings and be part of developing construction projects.